To Whom it May Concern by Janelle Maree

To Whom it May Concern by Janelle Maree

To Whom it May Concern by Janelle Maree

Rating: (5 / 5)

Genre: Poetry

Surprise! A new blog post up when it’s not even scheduled! *Gasp*

I decided to review this poetry book after reading it recently. I bought it the day that I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. That day, I felt numb and decided to buy some poetry books about mental illness to read because it is always nice to read words that can perfectly describe how you feel on a daily basis. So let’s do this folks.


To whom it may concern is an amazing poetry book, one of the better ones I’ve read in all honesty. This compilation of poems perfectly conveys how it feels to be struggling with mental illness and the different things that run through your head daily. Whether it be anxiety, difficulty verbalizing to people how you feel, bipolar disorder, dealing with people you love, etc., these poems really are spot on. I was really able to connect with the words I was reading and at one point, I think I actually cried. It’s so hard to feel like nobody understands what you’re going through and what happens in your brain, chemically, as well as the different mental thoughts you have to deal with. And with that, I wanted to post one of my favorite poems from this book. It reminds me so much of how it feels to have the support of my husband.


“The faded scars like lightning bolts

streaking down my forearm

would shock those more faint of heart,

but you, oh you, know what it is to be a storm.

You know what it takes to come back from disaster.

You know that recovery can’t wipe away

every mark that pain has left on us.

The kindness you emit for nothing in return

is as powerful as a typhoon.

Your passion for reaching out to people

in their most painful moment

is as all-consuming as a hurricane.

Yet when need be,

your compassion comes gently,

like mist in the morning.

You find honor in caring for others.

When the sky opens up and floods

my brain with thoughts of drowning

you are not afraid.

You are prepared for rain.

You cover me with understanding.

You dry me off with empathy.

Your pride in me is an aftershock

to all those who thought that I was finished.

We don’t demand calm from one another.

We embrace each other’s storms.

We are torrential downpours and we are droughts.

We accept all forms of weather.”

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