Frostblood Series by Elly Blake

Frostblood Series by Elly Blake

Frostblood Series by Elly Blake

(Frostblood, Fireblood, Nightblood)

Rating: (4.5 / 5)

Genre: YA Fantasy

Content: Gods, Elemental Magic, War


Synopsis: Ruby has grown up in a world where the Frostbloods have a tyranny rule. She must hide her gift of being a Fireblood in fear of being hunted down and executed. After her mother’s death, her world gets turned upside down when she is captured, rescued, and then turned into a king’s champion – pitted against Frostbloods in an arena where she must fight to the death. Follow her story as she struggles to master the gift she was taught to fear, and maybe even fall in love with her natural enemy along the way.


I LOVED this series. I seriously went through these books so quickly, I couldn’t put them down. One of my favorite parts of the series is the history of the Gods. Elly Blake creates such a wonderful history and storyline of how Frostbloods and Firebloods were created, and the story of how the Gods came to be and the fighting amongst them. There are two thrones created by the Gods – the frost throne and the fire throne. One made of the coldest ice and one made of lava. Unfortunately, they both contain a demon creature called a Minax. These creatures feed on destructive and death, causing possession of the rulers sitting upon the thrones. They also make them extremely powerful.

Another aspect I enjoyed was the romance between Ruby and a Frostblood. Natural enemies. Yet they can’t help but be drawn towards one another. There also ends up being a little bit of a love triangle which I also adore. It’s hard to choose who you want her to be with at times!

Ruby has a very reckless and strong gift. She has been taught to fear it and hide it her entire life, so she has very little control over it. It tends to be strongest when her emotions are at an all time high and come out in big and destructive bursts. She begins training to see if she can master her Fireblood gift but has a few bumps in the road. Her is one of the only Firebloods left in her land, as they have all been executed by the Frostblood ruler, so she does not have a Fireblood master to learn from. Someone who would understand her and be able to instruct her on how to use her gift and keep herself controlled. This creates a very realistic part of the plot and while I enjoy that she is a strong and independent character, I enjoy the realness of her struggles.

Overall, would highly recommend this series! The writing style was fantastic and fast paced, and I thoroughly enjoyed the plot across all 3 books. Go buy them, now!

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