November Warrior – Mohammed

November Warrior – Mohammed

Welcome to my next Warrior of the Month post! This month focuses on art and the role is plays for those with mental illness. My Warrior this month, Mohammed, is a great photographer and poet. He has a way of making you look differently at the world. Here’s his story;

Visual arts, what does that mean to me? Well, I guess from a background of BPD and ADHD it’s an outlet for me to communicate the way the world looks through my eyes. My end goal would be to raise awareness for and portray an insight to the mind of those that struggle with mental illness.

Growing up I was often told that I had my head in the clouds, I needed to focus more and that I needed to stop doodling (I actually had my books and pens confiscated most lessons). With the concentration of a goldfish and a keen eye for the way bricks made patterns or ear for the way those words sounded when put together, I was always fascinated by how things could look or sound, rather than how they actually did. A problem child, or a mind full of ideas with no outlet to release them? I like the sound of the latter.

Fast forward a few years to when I discovered my love for literature, poetry to be specific. I still remember it clearly, I was around 7 years old, our teacher read us a passage from a book and asked us to describe what it did for us in the best way we could and I told him that it painted a morbid picture across my mind. Now he may have just been doing his job but telling me that I was using words that were too advanced for my age really tugged on those feel good neurons and opened up my fascination for poetry. That was the first time I actually felt that I could do something with my “nonsense” and thus step by step the doors to visual arts were opened.

Along the timeline of various types and uses of art I found a lot of enjoyment in photography, with first hand experience of numerous styles my plan is to use the skills I have developed to progress through my career and help raise awareness for those that are struggling with hidden illnesses.

Thank you so much Mohammed for sharing your point of view on life and your story of mental illness. I always enjoy our discussions. For those who don’t know him, one of his passions is finding a natural remedy for dealing with mental illnesses as opposed to prescribed medication. I wish him all the best!

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