Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

(Vampire Academy, Frost Bite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound, Last Sacrifice)

Rating: (4.5 / 5)

Genre: YA Fantasy

Content: Vampires, Elemental Magic, War

Favorite of the series: Shadow Kiss


Synopsis: Rose Hathaway has been on the run with her best friend, Lissa, for the last year. She is a dhampir, a half human half vampire, and her best friend is a Moroi, a full-blooded vampire. Not only is she a vampire, but she is the last Dragomir princess. They also have a one-way psychic connection, in which Rose can see through Lissa’s eyes. When they are caught and brought back to the academy, strange things start happening to Lissa, who has yet to specialize in an element. Follow Rose while she navigates romance, high school, and saving her best friend from herself.


Where do I begin?!

I love the elemental magic aspect of this book. One of the reasons being that it really shows the difference between the Moroi and the Strigoi. The Moroi are considered “still living” in that they can control their magic and do not live forever. The Strigoi are not living, they have no soul any longer. They lose their magic and they are immortal. I love that they are immortal because it really makes sense that Moroi and Dhampirs would choose to turn. It makes you understand the draw and the motivation to become these creatures.

Another part I loved about the book is the social dynamic between Dhampirs and Moroi. Moroi are considered “royalty” and better then dhampirs. In fact, marriage between dhampirs and Moroi is frowned upon and socially unacceptable. Dhampirs spend their entire lives training to be protectors of the Moroi and constantly have their lives at risk from Strigoi. It’s much more common for males to be protectors and dhampir women stay in villages and have lots of children and are usually considered “blood whores” in that they allow Moroi men to feed on them and use them for sex. It’s a huge topic in this book series and I really loved it.

I really enjoyed the history of St Vladimir (the founder of the academy) and his dhampir protector Anna. I can’t go too much into detail without revealing some spoilers, but it was extremely interesting to read and unravel. St Vladimir is secretly said to never have specialized just like Lissa. Hmm, intriguing right?

Finally, the romance. It’s so dang sweet! I can’t say who it’s between until you’ve read through the first and second book but it’s extremely adorable and I can’t express how much I loved that part of the book.

This was one of my favorite series when I was a teenager. Sometimes when you read that type of series as an adult, it loses you. That was not the case with this series, I loved it even more as an adult! So, I really would recommend it for any age group (13 and up). It’s one of my must reads for you guys!

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