December – Burn Out

December – Burn Out

December Mental Health Discussion

Getting Burnt Out – How to recognize it and tackle it head on


Hello all! Welcome to my December Mental Health Discussion. Something I wanted to talk about this month is getting burnt out – dealing with something for so long and putting so much effort into it that it just exhausts you to the point of giving up. Specifically pertaining to mental health struggles. So, let’s get started.

The amount of effort people with mental health issues put into their lives is intense. There’s the every day things such as taking your medication and attempting to manage/track your mood. And then there’s the big picture stuff – maintaining relationships, scheduling self care, going to doctor and therapy appointments. It can be seriously exhausting to keep up with everything. Especially for those who also deal with addiction on top of mental illness, like myself. You have to fight every single day just to stay “normal”. You fight with every instinct you have to just stay in bed and feel sorry for yourself. Some days, I’m just glad to have showered and brushed my teeth. Some days that’s just all I can manage.

So, what does the burn out feel like? Well, you basically just feel completely hopeless. You feel as if everything is too hard and too much effort. You just want to give up because you’ll never be “normal”. It’s horribly exhausting to constantly be fighting a battle against yourself. It feels like you’ll never get ahead in life or in your head, and it’s so defeating. Another aspect of the burn out is feeling like you’re totally alone and have nobody to rely on, nobody who understands what you’re going through. Some people that don’t suffer from mental illness can also experience burn out. Others are more sensitive to it than others. So how do we get out of this slump? Well, here are some things that work best for me:

Scheduling in social time

This to me is so important! Getting out of my apartment and just talking to someone about my problems and getting lost in conversation. I always feel so refreshed after meeting someone even for just a cup of coffee. It’s a nice way to reboot sometimes.

Alone time

On the opposite end, I find that I need my alone time. Quiet time with just myself and my thoughts. Although when I’m depressed, this is not always a good option. It totally depends on the person and the situation. I find that sometimes, just being alone and reading my book is exactly what I need to decompress from all of the daily fighting.

Self Care

I know I sound like a broken record, but self care is soooo important you guys! Take yourself out for a pedicure or lunch, do a face mask at home, have a relaxing bath, go to the gym. Whatever it is that you need to feel important and prioritized. It’s so relaxing to just focus on yourself and do something that you enjoy.

See your GP or Therapist

Sometimes your slump can’t be fixed by yourself. You need your professional support in place for certain times like these. I find that talking to my doctor or my psychologist is the best medicine. I feel like a weight has been lifted afterwards and I know I can be totally open and honest with them.


Seriously, I know this is a hard one. When all you wan to do is crawl into a hole and die, this is a tough one to get motivated for, but I swear it works. Get those natural endorphins pumping through you and just get into the groove of your work out. I promise you won’t feel worse than before you started.

Spend time with your loved ones

Nothing feels better than sitting back and watching a movie with the ones you love. Whatever activity you feel like doing, make sure to schedule in that time with the people that mean the most to you. It will make you feel refreshed and like you have a shoulder to lean on when you’re feeling helpless.


Thanks for reading this month’s mental health discussion. I think it was an important one to talk about, even for those without mental health issues. Everyone experiences the burn out, so hopefully these tips are helpful to you!

See you again in January.

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