Hello fellow humans! My name is Cierra, I’m 26 years old and live in Edmonton, Alberta.

A little blurb about myself; I moved to Edmonton in 2011 and I married the love of my life Sept 2017 after 6 and a half years together. My hobbies include reading (obviously), photography, boxing, drawing/painting/writing, hiking, camping, and now this blog!

My husband bought me the rights to and for the longest time, I had no idea what to even do with it! I was so worried about finding a topic that people would be interested in, some sort of blog that people could relate to.

In March 2018, I was diagnosed with bipolar type II. It was scary. I didn’t really know how to feel, and honestly, I’m not sure that I felt anything at all. Unfortunately, 11 months later in February 2019, I was rediagnosed with bipolar type I. This was a very confusing time for me and I really questioned my own sanity.

After my first diagnoses, I knew I had to use my blog as a platform to speak about mental health. I needed to reach out to the world and be an advocate for people suffering with different mental disorders like myself. I also realised how much books have gotten me through the tough times and how passionate I am about reading. In fact, many of my friends ask me for book recommendations. So, I have decided to use my website as a book review blog, as well as a mental health discussion blog.

I will be reviewing one book/series every 2 weeks and will be posting a “topic of the month” for mental health. I will be choosing my topics based on reader/follower ideas. It’s extremely important to me to have the things I post be exactly the things you want to hear about! I also have a segment called Warrior of the Month, in which people can use this as a platform to share their own personal stories about their struggles with mental health.

So please read and enjoy! And if anyone ever needs advice or someone to talk to who is struggling, please send me an email. You are NOT alone.